Monthly Website Maintenance Service

In the constantly changing digital landscape, safeguarding your website is paramount. Outdated software and neglected plugins pose serious risks, with consequences including hacks, site takedowns, and business disruption. Our proactive Web Maintenance Service fortifies your digital assets, shielding your business from potential threats and ensuring uninterrupted website performance.

Understanding The Risks

We’ve been developing and managing websites for more than 13 years. In our experience, when website plugins, patches, and general updates are neglected, several consequences can occur, including:

Security Breaches

Outdated software is an open invitation to hackers. Cybercriminals often exploit vulnerabilities in outdated systems to gain unauthorized access, potentially leading to data breaches, loss of sensitive information, or even site defacement.

Downtime & Financial Loss

Unmaintained sites are prone to crashes. Downtime and security breaches directly impact your revenue.

Malware Infections

Neglected websites are more prone to malware infections. Malicious software can disrupt site functionality, inject harmful code, or distribute malware to visitors, damaging the website’s reputation and causing harm to users.

Compatibility Issues

New updates and features are often released to improve compatibility with evolving web technologies and standards. Neglecting updates may lead to compatibility issues, causing the website to display incorrectly or malfunction on newer browsers or devices.

Performance Degradation

Regular updates often include performance enhancements and optimizations. Neglecting these updates may result in slower website performance, longer loading times, and a poor user experience, leading to higher bounce rates.

Search Engine Ranking Drops

Search engines prioritize secure and well-maintained websites. Neglecting updates can lead to a decrease in search engine rankings, affecting the website’s visibility and organic traffic.

Broken Functionality

As web technologies evolve, outdated plugins or themes may become incompatible, leading to broken functionality. Features may stop working correctly, affecting the overall user experience.

Customer Trust

Security lapses can erode trust among your audience.

Legal Compliance Issues

Depending on the nature of the website, there might be legal requirements for data protection, accessibility, or other regulations. Neglecting updates can lead to non-compliance, resulting in legal consequences.

Loss of Business Opportunities

An outdated website may not support modern e-commerce features, integrations, or other functionalities, leading to a loss of potential business opportunities.

To prevent these issues, regular website maintenance, including updating plugins, themes, and the core software, is crucial. Additionally, routine backups, security monitoring, and proactive measures are essential for a healthy and secure online presence.

Proactive Solutions

Pointed Services comprehensive Web Maintenance Package includes:

Security Measures

Performing regular vulnerability scans for early threat detection.

Daily Cloud Backups

Protect your website data with reliable daily cloud backups. We ensure consistent backups, offering quick data recovery and peace of mind in any unforeseen situation.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Ensure your website’s accessibility with 24/7 uptime monitoring. We provide instant notifications of downtime to your team and activate quick response solutions keeping your site operational and providing a reliable online presence.

Core Software Updates

We manage all software updates to keep your site secure with the latest core updates. We handle seamless integration, ensuring optimal performance and protection against vulnerabilities, all while keeping your site running smoothly.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Keep your website’s plugins up-to-date and secure with ease. We manage regular updates, ensuring seamless functionality and robust protection against security threats. Our proactive approach maintains your site’s efficiency and security.


Enhance your site’s security with SSL. We manage the installation and updates, ensuring user data is encrypted and protected. This not only safeguards sensitive information but also builds trust with your visitors.


Get fast, expert solutions for any website issues. Our team is dedicated to diagnosing and resolving problems, ensuring your website remains functional and efficient.

Website Management Package

Monthly Subscription Package


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